Elmarie Borman

Senior Director

Elmarie heads our firm’s conveyancing department and manages our branch situated at Blackheath.  Elmarie has many years of experience in the administration of deceased estates, the conveyancing related thereto, general conveyancing in regard to residential, business and rural properties as well as sectional title developments. She is also very experienced with drawing up wills.

Elmarie works closely with a team of attorneys, candidate attorneys and assistants to provide hands-on legal services at a competitive rate.

Alma Swanepoel


Alma is a Conveyancer and Notary Public who has over the years acted on behalf of financial institutions, property developers, State Owned Companies and private clients. She has experience in transfers of fixed property, subdivisions and consolidations of fixed property, Notarial Bonds, Mortgage Bonds, Notarial leases as well as Notarial Servitudes in regard to gas pipelines or electrical power transmission lines, rights of way to mention a few. She also has experience in the opening of Township- and Sectional Title Registers and all matters pertaining thereto.   She is also familiar with the drafting of all necessary contracts relating to all property matters and giving general advice in all aspects of property law.

Remano le Roux


Remano is young and dynamic and heads the Litigation department at Nelson Borman & Partners Incorporated.  He mostly attends to general litigation that includes debt collection, High Court and Magistrate’s Court litigation, divorces and other general litigation services, which include mostly damage claims pursuant to vehicle collisions. He attends to all Sasol’s vehicle damage claims in all areas of the RSA excluding the Sasolburg area.

Caroline Langa


Caroline heads up Compliance at the firm.  Having all the characteristics to be a successful attorney, she is meticulous, performance driven and strives to obtain the best possible result in every aspect of her work and life in general. She has obtained her LLB degree from the University of South Africa and is currently completing her LLM in Banking Law. She attends to general litigation in the High Court, Magistrate’s Court and also deals with matters in debt collection.